Emily & Evan


Imagine … it is the middle of May , 12th of May to be precise.


Emily & Evan met in school. It is the cutest thing looking at them while they tell how they first met. They both liked each other but did not really talk or hang out. When Emily first told me the story, she was sure that Evan even did not know who she was before they both did a presentation , in the same  class they took, about coffee. The fact that the topic was the same, was an accident, a good accident. They both love coffee and that is why it was absolutely crucial to capture their cuteness a day before their wedding – at a cute coffee shop in Ashville, NC.


The wedding took place in The Smoky Mountains area, in North Carolina, USA.




Have you ever wondered, what happens the day before the wedding day?

Emily & Evan’s morning started with a trip to Ashville, where we explored around the beautiful city in the middle of the mountains, took some photos of their beautiful emotions the day before getting married and of course, had a cup of good coffee.

After exploring, me and the beautiful bride to be, went to pick up the flowers. Now, when I am talking about picking up the flowers, I do mean the buckets of field flowers that a local farmer had grown and picked for her. Besides for being an amazing graphic designer, Emily also knows how to make beautiful  flower bouquets, all the flower settings were designed by her.

Rehearsal dinner was a true miracle, it was to be raining all night that day, and it was pouring just an hour before the start. But as always, God had it all figured out beautifully and by the time of rehearsal dinner, it was ideal weather for some fun and marshmallows.


The wedding day was dreamy – full of peace, love and thankfulness!


Thank you Emily & Evan for letting me to be a part of this!







The day before the wedding 






The wedding day